Bensen is a design and manufacturing group founded in 1981 by Niels Bendtsen. Along with his staff, Bendtsen designs and oversees production of an extensive line of furnishings. Niels Bendtsen has been immersed in design and craftsmanship his entire life. From a young age, he worked with his father to produce Scandinavian-influenced furniture, and then went on to study, instruct, and finally design pieces of his own. One of his early designs, the Ribbon Chair (1975), sits in the permanent collection at the MoMA.

Born in Denmark in 1943, Bendtsen emigrated to Canada in 1951 and opened his first retail store, Danet Interiors (now Inform Interiors) in 1963. In 1981 Bendtsen founded his own manufacturing line, Bensen, to create high-quality pieces that are both affordable and elegant.

Bendtsen has worked as a Designer for international companies such as Magis, Montis, Moroso, Starbucks, and FLOS. Bendtsen strives to design pieces that are intelligent: a harmony of design, manufacturing, and function that can adapt with their timeless look. Designed in Canada, Bensen furniture is made in Italy to the highest standards. The refined and minimalist design is deeply rooted in the passion and tradition of fine Italian craftsmanship. With a focus on elegance and versatility, Bensen furnishings are designed to be adaptable to many different spaces.