• Materia

    The Materia collection generates practical monolithic storage units for the bedroom, rendered unique thanks to the characteristics of natural materials such as wood, marble, metal ... Read more
  • Tao 10

    Various chest of drawers TAO10 NIGHT, new proposals which exalts the aesthetical, functional and up-to-date contents of TAO DAY from which it derives. Hanging or ... Read more
  • Eros

    The Eros night group, consisting of a chest of drawers and bedside table, is characterized by the sophisticated dialogue between the different materials that compose ... Read more
  • Milvian

    The Milvian set for the sleeping area, which consists of bedside tables in two different sizes and a dresser, boasts sublime features with a sophisticated ... Read more
  • To Be

    A collection of furnishings for the bedroom, with the capacity “to be”, rather than simply to appear, perfectly at ease in settings with different ... Read more