110 Modern Sofa

110 Modern Sofa

110 Modern Sofa. Modern comes from the need to redesign a minimal form with classic elements. The idea was inspired by a simple and clear presentation of the structure, in which you insert the soft and enveloping cushions. The characteristic trait of Modern is the contrast between these two elements. A wide choice of modules allows to create different configurations. The project is enhanced with the addition of the armrests in two different sizes. The foot in Modern embodies the idea of the project, clearly inspired by the 50’s looks like a stylet where we find the simplicity of form and refined combinations finishes. The ability to adapt to different customer needs, make Modern a versatile program, both for comfort and for modularity, ideal for home environment and contract.

Design: Gianluigi Landoni


Vibieffe was established in 1967 and manufactures sofas, armchairs, sofa beds and furnishing accessories in Lissone Italy. Their products and projects are unique, distinctive and distinguishable, designed by renowned Italian designers and architects.

Inspired by elegance, fineness, quality and style, Vibieffe products are 100% Made in Italy.

Our products have been designed to be finely basic and elegantly distinctive; the products’ silhouettes, the attention to details, the color matching, the choice of materials and top quality upholstery fabrics make Vibieffe sofas, armchairs, beds, sofa beds and furnishing accessories leaders of exquisite interior design Made in Italy.

Every single Vibieffe product can furnish your living rooms and lounge rooms with custom, distinctive solutions and we can find top quality design solutions not only for you home or holiday house but also for your offices, villas, hotels, self-catering apartments, events or scenic design.