Autostima Mirror

Autostima Mirror by Tonelli Design

Autostima Mirror by Tonelli Design, designed by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni. Wall mounted and large floor standing glass mirror featuring varying reflective angles give the functionality of a mirror a new aesthetic sense. The angles give way to reflections of other textures and surfaces from within the environment these mirrors are placed into adding dimension and a play on perspective. Mirrors can be placed vertically and horizontally as well as grouped together to create a unique display.

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Available in Sizes: 98 x 9 x height 195 cm  and 98 x 9 x height 98 cm – Thickness: 4 mm

Tonelli manufactures furnishing items and designer objects in glass. The company was founded in the mid-1980s and is the result of a deep and lasting passion for research and experimentation. Tradition and technology have been brought together to forge a company philosophy, the very heart of which is based on the value given to design, and therefore, to the designer, when it comes to enhancing the characteristics of this unique element: glass.

Tonelli’s story began more 20 years ago, when the first steps were being made in welding together flat sheets of crystal glass using a structural bonding agent. Until that time, glass was only used in the furnishing industry in the form of flat sheets or connected to other elements by means of visible metal joints.