Bridge Low Table

Bridge Low Table by Orsenigo

The Bridge Low Table by Orsenigo, designed by Mauro Lipparini features a steel frame with finishes in chrome, matte brushed nickel or Raw metal. Tempered glass top – 10mm.

120 x 80 h 20 cm
120 x 120 h 20 cm
160 x 120 h 20 cm

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Orsenigo A total passion for perfection, continuous research to enhance the details, joined with a precise choice of raw materials and time-saving working procedures, aims at achieving the highest possible quality of furniture. These ideals are the basis of the philosophy that has led F.lli ORSENIGO Company to distinguish itself in the world for the uniqueness of its furniture. Over 50 years of experience in the field are the secret for the success of this company. A long path that has been traveled without compromising their craft skills, yet at the same time combining the latest technological innovations with an eye to improve the final output. The company was founded in 1960 by FRATELLI ORSENIGO (Orsenigo Brothers) and has followed a precise route in its development. The reasons of their success are the offer of both classic and contemporary designs plus the use of quality raw materials combined with a keen attention to the finishes, which are obtained through complex galvanic processes that is the Orsenigo’s distinctive feature.
ORSENIGO’s furniture is placed in the metal furniture context and is enhanced by materials such as glass-hide leather-leather-wood accurately chosen following the market trends.
Specifically, production concerns dining tables-coffee tables-chairs-lounge chairs-bookcases-Tv Holders-trolleys-beds-mirrors-consoles-loveseat signed by famous international architects.
The aware customer, who purchases a furniture manufactured by F.lli Orsenigo, enriches his home with an enduring and exceptional piece of furniture.