Ecletto Bed

Ecletto Bed by Sangiacomo is part of the Ecletto bed system, a modular group of furnishings that coordinate together with a headboard, storage units, open unit shelving, and LED lighting.

Developed from a 300 mm square module, the panels can be freely positioned both vertically and horizontally, also changing their arrangement in time. This simple concept produces very high flexibility in the design which extends to the insertion of drawer units, with joining of the shell at 45° and push pull opening, as well as open units, again modular.

A perforated back panel joins the composition together and allows an LED system to be installed along the perimeter of the headboard, creating an appealing lighting effect. Ecletto drawer units can also become independent, stacked storage units, placed on the ground on 27mm high feet or wall mounted, also with rotating tops.

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