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Glow-In Sofa

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Product Description

Glow-In Sofa by Désirée

The Glow-In Sofa by Désirée. Warm oversized modern sofas with timeless and territorial boundaries find their ideal habitat in modern houses and the most popular places of today. Elements with large soft feather padding in two options of 100 and 130 cm can be combined in a wide range of solutions.

Islands, peninsulas, central and lateral elements with and without armrests on which large throw pillows rest. Decorative pieces that enhance the smooth lines of these sofas with removable covers that can change appearance with our creativity.

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Désirée philosophy mainly focuses on manufacturing an industrial product, in the upholstered furniture sector, with guaranteed quality and comfort for different uses. Its extensive collection of upholstered furniture includes armchairs, sofas, convertibles, beds and complementary items for the home and for contract furnishing schemes.

Désirée, a manufacturer of upholstered furniture since 1968, based in Tezze di Piave near Treviso, a land that in recent decades has experienced extraordinary industrial growth and an example of model development of great significance in the world. Désirée has been part of the Euromobil Group, which also includes Euromobil kitchens and Zalf furniture, since 1995. Each company has retained its own structural set-up and its own specific know-how, but the companies have exchanged their experiences of technology, management procedures and product distribution.

The products manufactured by Désirée have been designed to be transformed and molded to meet contemporary living requirements. This is why Désirée has an in-house Research & Development Department that monitors innovations in technology and materials while remaining aware of aspects that more specifically regard design. It is also in constant contact with various designers. These include Roberto Gobbo, who has been collaborating with the company since he entered the Euromobil Group, Marc Sadler, Setsu & Shinobu Ito, Simone Micheli, Roberto Semprini, as well as a large team of young people that includes: Jai Jalan, Leonardo Zen and Andrea Lucatello.

100% Made in Italy

Désirée produces only in Italy. All the production phases including the cutting of covers, stitching, white fabric underlays, final covering and packaging, and workmanship are performed while quality controls are carried out by highly qualified personnel. All production processes and materials used meet the criteria of respect and protection of the environment.

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