Holden Sofa

A reassuring, solid shape, elegant and comfortable, “generous” proportions. This collection presents a wide array of settees, side elements, corners that can form countless different combinations. Holden is available in the “BASE” version (without backrest cushions), which has to be equipped with backrest cushions to be chosen between several sizes. This allows the end customer to design his own sofa, in accordance with his taste. Holden can also be supplied in the version “A” and in the version “B”, with two different types of backrest cushions: the classic shape type “A” and the attractive, informal type “B” (cm.58×58), in pre-determined quantity. Some elements such as end-pieces and the sleeper are available in two different depths, 103 and 118 cm. The covers are completely removable. Besides, Holden can be equipped with the small table Argo.

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