Host Sofa

Host Sofa by Swan Italia

HOST Sofa by Swan Italia. The innovative feature characterizing HOST is intrinsic in its formal construction. A linear and rigid outer frame contains and contrasts with soft cushions to produce a volume of great harmony. The lines of the external frame and the architectural details of the product afford the possibility to appreciate its softness in all respects, as well as creating a distinctive element for its modular function, for a furniture piece that adapts easily and dynamically to any type of living space.

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1 armchair + 13 individual sofas + 59 modular elements + 2 ottomans + 17 deep elements.
Wooden frame with elastic straps, upholstered in expanded polyurethane, fiber covering matched with fine velveteen.
Backrest feather cushions with insert in expanded polyurethane. Seat feather cushions with insert in expanded polyurethane, with differentiated density, upholstered in cotton and heavy cotton. Feet in metal, powder coated, with non-slip ferrules. Sofa with a particular strap system in the backrest, enabling flexibility up to 5 cm. for a perfect ergonomics and moments of pure relaxation. Elements upholstered in completely removable fabric; elements upholstered in leather with cushions having removable covers and structure with non-removable covers.

Swan Italia Srl was founded in 1963, thanks to the experience and business skills of the Proserpio family. The company, specialized in the production of upholstered furniture and based in Vighizzolo di Cantù, has made an immediate name for itself as a reference point for the market, not just in Italy but also abroad and it has celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Its company philosophy is based on a perfect combination of efficient quality standards, meticulous attention to detail and technical production knowledge.

Swan is synonymous with quality upholstered furniture. It is a cutting edge company in terms of the research, development and subsequent use of new production technology. In fact, the company was one of the first in the sector to use highly innovative materials, including cold cure molded polyurethane foam and fiberglass, as well as particularly advanced fabric cutting systems, such as laser beams. It pays special attention to the development of market and contemporary design trends, and has been working with famous architects and designers for many years. The company has appointed from January 2012 the architect Francesco Lucchese as its Art Director.