Indy Chair

INDY Chair
Design: Archirivolto

Polyurethane armchair with different bases. Fixed or swiveling base in transparent (OP0), graphite (GFM69), white (GFM71) or  black (GFM73) embossed lacquered steel or in Canaletto walnut (FNC) or burnt oak (RB) stained beech, or with 5 spokes in polished aluminum, or with wheels in black painted aluminum. Seat and back in monochrome polyurethane available in white (P01), lino (P02), fango (P03), petrolio (P04) or antracite (P05) colors, or two-tone polyurethane back petrolio (P04) and front fango (P03).  For supplies of more than 50 pieces are  available other colors. Fireproof seat 1 IM – CRIB5.


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CATTELAN ITALIA was founded in 1979 from an idea of Mr, Giorgio and Mrs. Silvia Cattelan. They started to introduce into the market small marble complements and table in different sizes for export markets.

In 1989, in order to face market needs, the collection improved with the offer of dining tables, chairs, bookcase sand other complements. They have worked all materials – wood, glass, metal, leather – with taste and style and a important attention to the comfort.

“the house is the icon of loved belongings – says Mr. Giorgio Cattelan – is a word where everybody want to be closed to comfortable elements. The “beautiful” for me is above all “functionality”.

In 1995 Lorenzo and Paolo Cattelan – Giorgio’s sons – stared to be part of the Company supporting their father in the management of the different department.

Lorenzo works on the image of the brand – as creative person as he is – and in 2002 moved ion Tuscany – in the region of the Chianti DOCG wine – to manage a huge vineyard and an agriturismo in centenary farm.

After buying in January 2011 of the famous Florentine company ARKETIPO – well known all over the world for its product sophistication, Cattelan Italia enter into the design upholstery world. At the top of Artketipo is Lorenzo supported by his father.

Paolo since the first day in Cattelan has been working in the commercial area; he is a huge expert of all markets, he travels a lot to consolidate the top partners and know new booming markets. Paolo Cattelan is today a key person in the commercial and design evolution of the company; he is protagonist of distribution, design and style choices.

Today Cattelan Italia is an icon in evolution, It exports in 150 Countries in the world with more than 350 high qualified dealers; this company from Veneto is still in evolution opening new markets and consolidating the most strategical ones. It has a no borders distribution net which has the support of professional agents working in different markets. Cattelan Italia is participating in the main international exhibitions as Milan, Cologne, Paris, Valencia, Moscow, Courtrai … Very important strategical points are the product versatility, the flexibility and the saleability of the products and the decision to invest in the brand image thanks to the business and financial solidity.

For Cattelan Italia the sense of living the house and furnishing is something precious and spontaneous. It is design and a lot more. It creates a functional and beautiful lifestyle that gives the emotion of the research.

Cattelan Italia represents the essence through the furniture, complements, colors…solid fundaments like the history of the Company.