Jubeae Armchair

Jubeae Armchair by Coro

The Jubeae Armchair by Coro. Satin stainless steel frame. Seat and back rest in reinforced PVC nylon cord, colors: white, black, orange, green apple and dove.
Acrylic cord in white, dove or grey charcoal colors available. Adjustable feet.

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Coro Story

CORO came into being at the end of 2002 with the aim of making a place for itself in the still little-developed outdoor furniture design market.
The impact of CORO’ s presentation to the press was immediately positive, the quality of the imaging and the expression of the company philosophy receiving universal applause.


CORO is first of all an idea: our motto is time to live in freedom; that is our concept of furnishing.
We would like to create objects that invite us to look at the world from a new, incredible, perspective to give form to the pleasure of living.
Each object is a different expression of beauty; it is a piece of furniture in the real sense of term.
Lightness of elements, minimalist forms and harmonic proportions, this is what we aim at.

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