WOOD handle:
The warmth of wood is spread throughout the door offering a unique sensation to the touch that is capable of stimulating simple yet deep emotions that are renewed each and every time it is used. The handle features colored or veneered oak finishes and is available in three versions that differ in size and functionality: HIGH is 1743 mm long and strongly distinguishes the door; LOW stops half way; CENTRAL has a smaller size and has a romantic appeal.

FLY handle:
The clean-cut line of this door is set off by the minimalist design of the handle that is distinguished by its outward slant that makes it easy to take hold of and open the door. In its matte and gloss lacquered versions it can be used by itself or in pairs.

LINE handle:
Another door that features very clean-cut lines and extremely contemporary matte and gloss lacquers. The LINE metal handle is fitted discreetly on the edge of the door and slants towards the panel for a better grip. It is available in the LOW and CENTRAL versions that differ in size and functionality.

BOX handle:
The extremely clean-cut lines of the door are set off by the elegant integrated handle that is very discreet, tone-on-tone, yet offers a strong grip.

ASSISA handle:
Simplicity and practicality are the strong points of a door that can be used on multipurpose wardrobes. The handle is available in the three HIGH, LOW and CENTRAL versions that differ in size and functionality. With its classic shape in trapezoidal metal, the handle is available matte or gloss lacquered, Brill or Burnished to be easily suit any type of environment.

VOGUE handle

ARCO handle