Slim Console

Slim Console by Sovet Italia

Slim Console by Sovet Italia. Console with four or two (attaches to wall) die-cast aluminum legs in a choice of polished chrome finish, various lacquered finishes or burnished metal finish. Frame structure with a choice of anodized aluminum finish, various lacquered finishes or burnished metal finish. Top available in tempered lacquered or frosted lacquered glass 8 mm thickness, various colors, or in MATERIA or ceramic, various finishes. Four leg version is available in various wooden finishes.

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SOVET ITALIA uses the abilities of skillful artisan hands and the most advanced technologies to reach the best quality standards.

Sovet Italia

SO.VE.T was founded at the end of 80’s by six Trevisan glaziers. In 1990 it has been taken over by the current owner who converted it into a successful company able to establish itself as a new protagonist in the world of the design furniture made in Italy. SO.VE.T. immediately stands out for the functionality and style of its products.

After the success of DIVETRO collection, the company started to collaborate with leading designers such as Matthias Demacker and Gianluigi Landoni giving birth to SOVET ITALIA brand. The new collections are a symbol of minimalism and innovation and lead the company to conquer international markets.

Today SOVET ITALIA continues its research and development path. The distinctive features of its design and the acquired experience together with the most advanced technologies allow SO.VE.T. to work and explore not only the glass but also other materials such as steel, aluminum, ceramic and wood.