When fashion, style and culture collided in the mid 20th Century, London was the centre of the world and SoHo was its capital. The swinging 60s heralded a new way of thinking and a new way of living. Design was and never would be the same and it’s why our bedside table deserved a name to befit the ideas of its time. Gino Carollo has created something which represents that swinging sixties vibe with a nod to our modern day culture. Wood and glass represent today’s interpretation of high quality materials used in the most precise form whilst its geometric shape is a reminder of that transformative period in global culture. Liberated by its fluid form, SoHo is a geometric construction of three different elements perfectly overlapping to give a strong and expressive shape without losing any of its delicate touch. Old meets new, which is never a bad thing. Click Here to view the technical sheet

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