Sussex Sideboard

Sussex Sideboard by Punt

Sussex Sideboard by Punt. A collection of sideboards and TV benches by Designer Terence Woodgate with an exclusive design on the front consisting of horizontal bars hiding the composition as well as serving as handles for doors and drawers. A piece of furniture resting on a plinth, on adjustable feet or hanging from optional wall-fixing devices. The door elements include a height-adjustable shelf.

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· Interior and exterior: E1 (low formaldehyde content) particle boards with natural oak or walnut wood veneer.
· Doors with 94o opening and drawers with absorption dampers.
· Drawers with full extraction runners.
· Hettich and Salice hinges.
· Plinths of textured powder-coated steel with adjustable feet.

A point is the beginning of a line.

Punt means point. A line is a series of points following a certain direction through space.
That is Punt.
The points from Punt that go to make up our collection are practically infinite. Many of these “punts” are happy encounters, happy discoveries; others are still searches, seeking serendipity.
Some “punts” are in two dimensions (such as these graphics and communications); others are in three (such as our furniture) and others still pertain to the fourth dimension, by which we mean people: designers, clients, suppliers, friends and all the people who make this story possible through their individual efforts.

Arravanti in Miami has been carrying the Punt brand for over fifteen years.

Terence Woodgate is an Industrial Designer specializing in furniture and lighting. He works from his studio in Mayfield, East Sussex, England. One of the UK’s most respected industrial designers, Terence has become known for a stripped-down, elegant, modern approach to design with an obsessive attention to detail and manufacture. He became a Royal Designer for Industry (RDI) in 2003 and has received several international design awards, including the Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ and the IF ecology award.

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