Slim Irony Tables

Slim Irony Tables Collection

Design: Maurizio Peregalli for Zeus Noto

The tables are available with Frame and Top in Copper black / Semi-opaque white. Also available in a version with white Carrara Marble top.

Simplistic and minimal metal design, with a choice of finishes for the table tops, where the emphasis is on the materials and simplicity of the structure to achieve a light and minimal appearance. The simplicity allows for Slim Irony to be used in a variety of settings, from casual to more formal.

Available as a coffee table, console, column or wall hung element, the Slim Irony is a statement you want to make in your contemporary space. Made from quality products in Italy.

ZEUS was founded in 1984 by a group of friends who enjoyed and wanted to share their experiences in the fields of DESIGN – FASHION – ART. Their aim was to merge and deliberately “contaminate” their ideas under the name of ZEUS, a rather strong and arrogant brand name. This very instinctive initial idea gave rise to a boutique selling its own fabrics and fashion collections, an art gallery presenting Italian and foreign artists, and a minimalistic avant-garde design collection.

Today ZEUS is a design furniture collection, self-produced, distributed worldwide. Main designers are Maurizio Peregalli , Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, Franco Raggi, Marie-Christine Dorner, Ron Arad.

The choice of materials is industrial and natural at the same time. Linoleum flooring is used to cover tables and consoles. Iron sheet steel, phosphatized and waxed, is used combined with stainless steel: precious and poor materials together. Extreme contrasts as a whole, the strength of stainless steel and the materiality of iron.

Also the recent outdoor collection RUST with rusty finish, corresponds to ZEUS research of rigor and simplicity, subtracting the unnecessary and focusing on specificity of surfaces and living materials.